Nick Tuttle

Growing up with an American father and Colombian mother, Nick had one foot in each of two very different cultures. He attributes his varied musical tastes and stylistic Latin flair to this diverse and loving upbringing.

My dad taught me my first bit of guitar and introduced me to Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and Cream.  At the same time, my mom would speak to me in Spanish and played Julio Inglesias records, salsa, merengue, and boleros for me.  This created a bit of a battle of identities when I first began playing guitar, but the end result was a fusion of those two sides and a style that reflects both.

Nick went on to study with master level guitarists at Cincinnati's College Conservatory of Music, NKU & Xavier, and first began teaching out of his Mt. Adams studio in 1998.  Serendipity brought him to the Gateway Quarter of Over the Rhine in 2011 and into the historic Lady Germania building.  Located in the same neighborhood as the Art Academy, The School for Creative & Performing Arts, the Know Theater Tribe & Ensemble Theater, the studio aptly makes its home in Cincinnati's arts district.


Teaching Philosophy

The best compliment I ever received was not actually paid to me.  I overheard a student say while discussing her lessons with a friend, 'Nick teaches me the way I need to be taught.'  Any day a student feels that way is a day the teacher feels like he has done something right.

Learning music is more than a sum of all its parts. Some students want to learn their favorite songs while others want to delve into theory.  Some are first time dabblers and others are professional musicians looking to expand their skills and repertoire. We welcome and encourage all. 

Nicholas Tuttle Alban

Nicholas Tuttle Alban