Learning Opportunities 

Individual sessions provide an intimate setting where you can learn at your pace and in a style tailored for the way you learn best.

Ensembles create an environment where you can learn to work and play well with other musicians.

Masterclasses are monthly studio events where successful local musicians are brought in to share their talent and experiences via a one hour talk.  Check out recent photos and videos from the Masterclasses here.


Student Concert Series allow students the opportunity to gain performance experience at local bars and coffee houses. 




Over The Rhine

Cincinnati's historic Over The Rhine neighborhood is home to the Nicholas Tuttle Guitar Studio. Located on the top floor of a 130 year old building, the studio's high ceilings and hardwood floors give the space lots of natural light and good acoustics for a creative learning environment.  


Nicholas Tuttle Guitar Studio

31 E 12th Street
Fourth Floor
Cincinnati, OH 45202